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Dear Friends,

Today, the 4th day of this brand new year marks the beginning of a new and unique product. Specially developed to complete an integral part of our lives, we launch this edible, safe and comprehensive oral care solution – Edinora. Edinora is all set to offer premium Ayurvedic oral care and fill an existing void in the oral care industry by being the first toothpaste prepared using 100% edible and natural ingredients.

My name is Prabhakaran G, and I have formulated this premium Ayurvedic toothpaste using edible and natural ingredients after realising the need for a completely natural product in the oral care market. For the past 22 years, I have put my heart and soul into producing an oral care solution that's safe and solves all major dental concerns. I did not intend to commercialise Edinora until recently when I received positive feedback and requests from a few friends who tried the toothpaste and found it excellent. There were many hurdles throughout the journey, but as this product was destined to reach my fellow humans and offer better oral care, it has finally materialised to the form you see now.

Several tests, experiments, and researches were conducted over the years, and all the tests have guaranteed Edinora to be a safe and genuine product. The product is reaching you after successfully passing tests like cytotoxicity, wound healing, acute oral toxicity and oral pathogenic activity.