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Why Edinora Ayurvedic Toothpaste?

Every day begins and ends with cleaning the teeth and mouth. Tooth cleansing products, therefore, play a vital role in our daily life. The practice of cleaning the teeth and mouth has existed for over 5000 years. Various forms of tooth cleansers have evolved, from ox-hooves, brick dust, charred bread crumbs, and chalk powder to SLS several products have always been in use. Modern toothpaste was invented at the beginning of the 19th century.

All the above tooth cleansers, including conventional toothpaste, were introduced before the scientific and the business world discovered the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome. Hence, people assumed that the mouth was full of germs and that all the germs were supposed to be killed to keep the mouth clean.

In 1974, after the invention of DNA sequencing, the scientific world was surprised to discover that the human mouth had millions of friendly microbes and that those were interrelated to the gut microbes and together were producing several enzymes vital for the human body.  

Edinora oral care solution has been developed based on the oral microbiology concept of protecting and promoting the beneficial microbes so that the natural oral equilibrium is maintained. It further helps in reducing cavities, plaque, sensitivity, bleeding gums, inflammation, etc. naturally.

Made using 20+ premium, natural and edible ingredients, Edinora herbal toothpaste is a revolutionary oral care solution formulated after thoroughly studying the role of toothpaste in determining one’s sound health.  


Edinora oral care solution is an edible toothpaste prepared using edible and natural ingredients. Edinora herbal toothpaste helps clean the teeth without damaging the mouth cells, taste buds & beneficial oral microbes.

Edinora Oral Care is introducing a new culture of oral care! This herbal toothpaste is also rooted in educating the correct tooth brushing technique, as improper brushing can cause cervical tooth abrasion, gingival irritation, gingival recession, and more. The brushing technique suggested by Edinora Oral Care is to take a small quantity on your clean and dry index finger. Using the thumb and index finger, gently apply the solution to the gums and teeth. Massage for a few seconds until hearing the rubbing sound and feeling clean. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and move it in an up-and-down motion at least six times. Then rinse/swish with a small quantity of water, repeat the gentle massage and do the final wash. This process ensures a clean mouth and gives a gum massage that increases blood flow to the gum tissue. The increase in blood flow leads to the circulation of even more nutrient-rich blood to gum tissue, helps fight gum disease, and improves overall gum health.


The ingredients used in Edinora oral care are meticulously handpicked to give the best comprehensive oral care possible.

They are - Miswak, Licorice, Amla, Chebulic, Beleric, Dry ginger, Aloe Vera, Black pepper, Clove bud, Cardamom, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Neem, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil, Forest honey, and Rock salt. These ingredients offer benefits like helping to keep the teeth clean, helps keep away gingival inflammation and bleeding, helps improve oral health, helps remove plaque, helps offer maximum protection to the oral microbial equilibrium.


Edinora herbal toothpaste has been tested for in-vitro - cytotoxicity, wound healing, acute oral toxicity, sub-acute oral toxicity and anti-oral pathogenic activity, thus  proving it to be the best oral care solution.


Edinora Oral Care comes in three varieties – Prime, Sensipro, and Kids. 


Edinora Prime is an ideal choice for those looking for a chemical-free Ayurvedic herbal toothpaste. It is a perfect replacement for conventional toothpaste and is suitable for all individuals above age 14 who prefer natural products. It is free from harmful synthetic chemicals and is prepared using 20+ premium quality natural & edible grade ingredients. It helps clean the teeth without damaging the mouth cells, taste buds & beneficial oral microbes. 


The natural flavonoids in Edinora Sensipro help ease sensitivity without any added painkillers. It is a suitable product for those suffering from any of the above dental issues. Sensipro is free from harsh synthetic chemicals and added pain killers. It is also free from SLS, Parabens, Calcium Carbonate, Triclosan, Artificial Sweeteners, Added synthetic colors & flavors. 


Kids swallowing chemical-laden toothpaste is always a worry. Toothpaste comes with the disclaimer “do not swallow”. Edinora Kids being an edible toothpaste based on the latest oral microbiology concepts, has only natural or edible ingredients in it. It is also proven that accidental swallowing of edinora toothpaste is safe as it has passed acute & sub-acute oral toxicity. Edinora has been proven to be safe even if swallowed accidentally. Parents might not be able to monitor their kids all the time, so the pragmatic solution would be to use the edible toothpaste - EDINORA Kids. Edinora Kids has also passed invitro cytotoxicity, wound healing etc.

Begin your healthy and happy journey with Edinora Herbal Toothpaste now. A treasure trove of edible and Ayurvedic benefits awaits you!!