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Meera, Edinora Customer


Puneet, Edinora Customer


Edinora Customer


Dr. Dhanyalekshmi CS, MSc, BEd, PhD & Dr. Shirly K Thomas, MSc, BEd, PhD


KA Bahuleyan, Sr. Pharmacist, Social & Political Leader.

This customer had been suffering from diabetes for a long time. As a result, was losing teeth frequently. On using our product, Edinora Sensipro, he has been largely benefitted and has shared his exciting experience in this video.

NB - A customer experience is his/her personal view.
Edinora Oral Care Products are to be used for oral health only.


Anoop Bahuleyan, Director The Premier Padminii


Kalam Kochera


          Nila, Edinora Customer


Vishnu ,Edinora Customer


         Edinora Customer


       Edinora Customer