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Having healthy gums and a healthy mouth is one of the best ways to contribute to our overall physical health. Our gums take in whatever ingredients we put into our mouth. It is the bacteria in the mouth that can cause gingivitis and other dental issues. Here is the relevance of herbal toothpaste, which is gaining wide currency for good reason. 

Natural ingredients like mint and other herbs freshen our breath. Apparently, they are free of artificial flavouring and dyes. Many natural/ herbal toothpastes use natural ingredients like hydrated silica to whiten teeth. It is gentler on our teeth than artificial bleaching agents found in common toothpastes. It is always good to try herbal or edible toothpastes to protect our mouth, teeth and gums, which are a very important part of overall health.  

Herbal toothpaste is a wise and healthier choice for those who would like to minimize the amount of chemicals that could potentially endanger general health. Herbal toothpastes contain natural antibacterial ingredients such as spearmint and peppermint oils. These help to eliminate bacteria and keep our mouth healthy. Choosing the right herbal/edible toothpaste is the key.

Nowadays, most of the toothpastes claim to freshen breath, reduce plaque build-up, prevent cavities, address tooth sensitivity, and even whiten teeth. Herbal/natural brands hog the limelight now due to the use of innovative ingredients and technologies. Edible toothpaste is the latest entrant in the segment. 

The use of natural products like neem twigs, charcoal powder, and others has been a vital part of everyday oral hygiene routine for centuries. Many of the herbal or plant extracts have been promoted as possessing anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, anticarcinogenic and antioxidant qualities. People are looking for oral care products having herbal ingredients. The most common herbal ingredients to be incorporated into oral care products are Sanguinarine, Propolis, Azadirachta indica (neem), charcoal, clove, and miswak. So, no wonder herbal toothpaste rules the roost when it comes to oral care. 

Herbal toothpaste also has the ability to fight plaque, freshen breath and prevent gum disease. Since ‘go natural’ is the common norm, it has fuelled an increase in demand for such products by consumers, who opt for herbal products as they are not tested on animals, carry no side effects, use no animal products, vegan friendly, contains no added artificial colours and flavours.  

When small children are starting to perform tooth brushing techniques, they have a tendency to swallow the toothpaste. This has favoured the production of the so-called “edible” toothpastes. Like herbal toothpastes, edible toothpastes are also considered vital in oral care. Edible toothpastes do not contain detergents or fluoride or other potentially harmful components. Therefore, they can be swallowed safely. 

Parents play a pivotal part in bringing their offspring into good dental hygiene habits. They can ensure that their wards have regular check-ups and cleaning their teeth regularly. Good edible toothpastes have the same ingredients as the herbal ones. Children are always bombarded by food and drink. To keep their teeth in top condition, we need to follow strict oral hygiene with the help of an edible toothpaste or herbal toothpaste. 

Children tend to swallow toothpaste when they are brushing, which may expand their fluoride exposure and direct to dental fluorosis. Experts suggest the panacea for all dental problems, and that is “Edinora”, world’s first premium edible toothpaste. This oral care solution is prepared using edible and natural ingredients. It is a wholesome package of herbal products. 

The ingredients of the Edinora are meticulously handpicked to give the best comprehensive oral care possible. 

The ingredients used in this edible toothpaste are - Miswak, Licorice, Amla, Chebulic, Beleric, Dry ginger, Aloe vera, Black pepper, Clove bud, Cardamom, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Neem, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil, Forest honey, and Rock salt. The mixed effects of the ingredients present advantages like keeping the teeth clean, keeping away gingival inflammation and bleeding, lessening dangerous germs, enhancing oral health, clearing plaque, reviving natural immunity, replenishing damaged cells and taste buds, providing a pleasant taste and freshness in the mouth and breath. Also EDINORA does not affect the equilibrium of oral microbiota.