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Edinora: An Ayurvedic Solution for Plaque Removal
13 April, 2022 by
Edinora: An Ayurvedic Solution for Plaque Removal
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It is not uncommon that plaques are constantly forming on teeth. Plaques are defined as a colourless and sticky film of bacteria, which produce acids after one eats or drinks. These acids can do serious harm to our tooth enamel. Mainly, they cause cavities and gingivitis (gum disease). Plaque is formed when bacteria in the mouth mix with sugary or starchy foods (Eg: milk, juice, soft drinks, bread, pasta and fruit). The acids released by the bacteria break down carbohydrates in food and drinks. So, it’s highly recommended to brush teeth soon after eating or drinking.

A person affected with plaque will have a fuzzy feeling primarily. He/she will have bad breath and tender gums will bleed post brushing. The best remedy for avoiding plaque is to maintain proper oral hygiene. Daily two-time brushing and flossing are the perfect methods. But if you skip brushing and flossing daily, plaque can harden into tartar. Obviously, plaque and tartar can lead to cropping up of cavities and occurrence of gum infection etc. 

Cutting back on sugary, starchy foods and drinks would be a great idea to get rid of plaques. One can rely on nutritious foods and snacks such as plain yogurt, cheese, raw vegetables or fruit etc. Needless to say, the toothpaste you choose for yourself is the key. Edinora, the world's first premium ayurvedic and edible toothpaste, takes care of your oral health issues, including plaque immaculately through its natural touch. 

Edinora, the premium herbal toothpaste, is a sublime oral care solution as it has rich organic flavonoids that keep teeth hygienic. It is the coalesce of herbal concoction and natural ayurvedic ingredients that give effective result from the problem of plaques. Since plaque is the most common cause of tooth decay, regular brushing with Edinora is necessary. It will give you the desired result by protecting your teeth permanently.  

The ingredients used in this edible toothpaste are - Miswak, Licorice, Amla, Chebulic, Beleric, Dry ginger, Aloe vera, Black pepper, Clove bud, Cardamom, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Neem, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil, Forest honey and Rock salt etc. 

The combined effects of the natural ingredients offer benefits like keeping the teeth clean, keeping away gingival inflammation and bleeding, reducing harmful germs, improving oral health, removing plaque, restoring natural immunity, replenishing damaged cells and taste buds, providing a pleasant taste and freshness in the mouth and breath.

Edinora, which has been developed after 23 years of extensive study and research, ultimately protects the microbiota or oral flora in the mouth, thereby helping to maintain a hygienic mouth. Since Edinora is an edible toothpaste, swallowing small amount of toothpaste while brushing wouldn’t do any harm to the body. 

Edinora comes in three varieties – Prime, Sensipro and Kids. The product has been launched after successfully undergoing tests like cytotoxicity, wound healing, acute oral toxicity and oral pathogenic activity. 

To purchase the product and to know more details,  visit www.edinora.com or call on 964 538 0012.e...

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