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Quest For A Premium Ayurvedic Toothpaste Ends Here!
17 February, 2022 by
Quest For A Premium Ayurvedic Toothpaste Ends Here!

Gone are the days when premium brands were solely confined to elite section of society. Driven by the effects of globalization and modern conscience, all customers look for getting the best experience for the money being spent. So, they are hankering after premium brands/products that offer a combination of supreme quality, value, purpose, and exceptional experience. Premium brands are now defined by high quality, value and higher customer satisfaction. Indeed, premium brands share specific characteristics and traits that position them far superior to other products. 

Edinora, the world’s first edible and premium ayurvedic toothpaste, falls in the above-mentioned ilk. As a premium brand, Edinora offers complete customer satisfaction with its natural quality acquired due to the presence of ayurvedic ingredients in it.  For a brand to become ‘premium’, it must possess specific characteristics. Factors like quality, price and value are vital. Edinora exceeds customers’ expectations in this regard.

It is not by accident that Edinora got the status of a premium brand. Around 23 years of strenuous research and study have gone into the creation of such a unique product. Edinora was developed after conducting an authentic study about organic acids and flavonoids in the ayurvedic mixture. Moreover, books about oral microbiology and immunology penned by a number of authors were also referred. They gave a deep insight into the specialties of oral flora and how they are related to our health. Edinora has been developed by considering the holistic dental protection as well as the vital need of keeping all in fine fettle.

Edinora is abundant with natural and edible ayurvedic ingredients composed of organic flavonoids. It meticulously protects the microbiota or oral flora in the mouth, thereby helping dental cleaning. It is free from chemicals like SLS, Calcium carbonate, Sorbitol, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Triclosan, Saccharin, Silica, Colouring pigments etc.

Edinora is made from twenty-four ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice, Honey, Clove Bud, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Oil, Neem, Peppermint etc. Since natural ingredients are the key components of this premium toothpaste, the input cost is so high. Moreover, the natural ingredients are rare and not easy to get whenever required. But Edinora’s vision is to ensure oral hygiene and health for all. It holds the numero uno position as a premium ayurvedic toothpaste due to its reluctance to adopt complacency. The high cost and rare availability of ayurvedic ingredients hardly prevents Edinora from achieving its mission.

Edinora is a premium ayurvedic toothpaste that can be used by children also. The acute oral toxicity study has proved that if around 300mcg/kg body weight. Edinora toothpaste is consumed by a body having one kg weight, it will not be dangerous for internal organs. So, if the toothpaste is accidentally gulped while cleaning teeth, it’s not harmful for kids as well as adults. 

Edinora is available in three variants: -

·       Edinora Prime: A chemical-free ayurvedic toothpaste for all.

·       Edinora Sensipro: It ensures a long-lasting and hazard-free dental healthcare. This oral solution is made with effective ingredients sans using any painkillers. It is exclusively for those who are disturbed by oral diseases, including diabetic-related gum disease.

·       Edinora Kids: Since it contains harmless ingredients, parents can fearlessly pick it up for their children.

As a premium brand toothpaste, Edinora creates an experience based on what customers want, and they deliver it consistently. This premium product helps people experience the feelings of satisfaction and healthy, and what’s more, they are willing to pay for the right product.

As part of its inaugural offer, Edinora products will be delivered anywhere in India without taking delivery charges. When three products are purchased, there will be 15 percent discount. Edinora products can be purchased only through www.edinora.com or through Edinora’s marketing office in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

For more details, visit: www.edinora.com or contact: 964 538 0012.



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