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Taking Care of your Teeth & Mouth
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19 September, 2022 by
Taking Care of your Teeth & Mouth
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Healthy teeth require lifetime attention. Regardless of being told that you have perfect teeth, it's still important to care for them properly, every day, every minute, to prevent issues from occurring in the future. Oral care includes using the appropriate oral care products and paying attention to your routine. Oral hygiene and health are interrelated; when one is in proper condition, the other too will certainly be. Now, you might be wondering what oral hygiene exactly is. In a nutshell, it is the practice of maintaining a healthy mouth, free of other issues.

According to the survey that Edinora conducted by personally interviewing the end users, a vast majority of them are unaware of the correct oral care practices. Most of them focus solely on maintaining white teeth and fresh breath. Also, people believe that brushing too much, too often, or too long can enhance oral health. However, that is far from reality.

Let's discuss some of the commonly made mistakes:


Too much tooth brushing relates to both "how much" and "how well" you brush your teeth. You run the danger of developing dental abrasion, tooth sensitivity, and gum recession in your mouth if you brush excessively or compulsively. Talking with the individuals who used to overbrush, we were in a stage of worry that many people were unaware that the harsh bristles of brushes are intended only for teeth and not for their gums. Some claimed to have dental sensitivity, but when asked, they admitted that they had previously used the brush to directly brush their gums.

Importance of Disclaimer Check: 

Have you ever checked the disclaimers behind the toothpaste ever before? Of course, a big No for many! For everyone, maintaining good oral health is essential. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the toothpaste aisle in a store will have dozens of options available. Most individuals think about the toothpaste's expiry date, health advantages, and occasionally flavour while making their selection and not the disclaimers that are related to the content of the product. The product disclaimers help you to know what to expect from the product. Therefore, checking every minute detail is a need nowadays to maintain good oral health. Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions as well.

Bad Breath and its Real Causes: 

Many people are unaware that there are multiple causes of bad breath and that ill-treating of their mouth with harsh chemicals for an extended period will not change this reality. Very few people are aware of the significance of oral bacteria.

However, persistent bad breath may indicate that you have a problem with your oral health or a condition that is impacting another portion of your body. To put it another way, it resembles a warning signal from your body. The first step in treating breath is determining its underlying cause. It is mostly brought on by bad dental hygiene. Harmful bacteria infect your mouth and grow out of control due to irregular dental cleanings and improper oral care. This may result in bad smell, cavities, and gum disease among other oral health problems.

If you consistently have bad breath, you may have gum disease. However, this isn't always the case. Bad breath may be related to a problem in another area of your body if your teeth and gums are in good health.

The greatest approach to maintaining your breath clean and fresh is to practice good dental hygiene with Edinora. The premium herbal toothpaste Edinora is a superb oral care product as it contains a wealth of organic flavonoids that help keep teeth clean.

The ingredients used in this edible toothpaste are - Miswak, Licorice, Amla, Chebulic, Beleric, Dry ginger, Aloe vera, Black pepper, Clove bud, Cardamom, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Neem, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil, Forest honey, and Rock salt, etc.

Edinora, which was created after 23 years of intensive study and development, ultimately helps to maintain a hygienic mouth by offering maximum protection to the oral flora, also known as the microbiota, in the mouth. Edinora is an edible toothpaste and accidental swallowing while brushing won't harm your health.

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