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The Right Way To Use Edinora
27 December, 2021 by
The Right Way To Use Edinora
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How many of us correctly brush our teeth? Brushing teeth may seem like a simple everyday task, as this oral care habit is something we have been practicing since infancy. But following the improper tooth brushing technique brings irreversible harm to the teeth, so switching to the correct technique as soon as possible is the best you can do for yourself.

But why do you need to use your fingers to brush your teeth?

Not just because it slightly looks like a mini brush, but also because of the harm your hard-bristled toothbrush might do to your gums & teeth.

Modern toothbrush with synthetic hard bristles is the product of modernization and we - the products of nature. The tooth is the youngest organ in our body, and the gums are softer than the teeth. Why do we have to be so hard on them, especially on the gums. How can we rub a brush on both the gums and teeth? Isn’t it obvious that the hard bristles will easily affect the gum cells?

So the right way to use Edinora to get maximum benefits is –

Take a small quantity on your clean and dry index finger. Tightly close the lid of the container. Using your thumb and index finger, gently apply the solution to your gums and teeth. Massage gently for a few seconds (until you get the clean feel, which is usually accompanied by a rubbing sound). Then if needed use a fine, soft-bristled toothbrush and move it in an up-to-down motion, as required. Then rinse/swish with a small quantity of water and then repeat the gentle massage over the gum line and teeth and do the final wash. For obtaining maximum benefits, brush your teeth using Edinora after every oil, fatty and sugary meal and make sure all food particles have been removed from the mouth before going to bed.

This process not only ensures a clean mouth but gives a gum massage that increases blood flow to the gum tissue. The increase in blood flow leads to the circulation of even more nutrient-rich blood to gum tissue and helps in fighting gum disease and improving overall gum health.

Let’s not repeat the oral care mistakes, so follow this correct technique from now on! 

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