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Edinora toothpaste - A scientifically backed safe oral hygiene product
17 April, 2023 by
Edinora toothpaste - A scientifically backed safe oral
hygiene product
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Toothpaste is an unavoidable part of our day-to-day life. It is an important tool in maintaining good oral health. But we should always keep in mind that the mouth is the gateway to the human body and is also a very sensitive organ. So, one should always care about the ingredients used in all kinds of oral hygiene products. Some toothpaste contains chemicals like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), triclosan, titanium dioxide, artificial flavors, and colors.


Edinora toothpaste is the world’s first edible toothpaste prepared using only natural and edible ingredients. Edinora is prepared using 20+ premium quality natural ingredients and is free from harsh synthetic chemicals. Edinora is also free from SLS, parabens, calcium carbonate, triclosan, titanium dioxide, etc. 

Edinora based on following scientific tests and studies claims to be a very safe toothpaste.

Edinora product has undergone in vitro cytotoxicity and wound healing evaluation at SCTIMST under Dr. Anil Kumar PR (Scientist F). The result is as follows - the test sample Edinora Prime showed an IC50 value much higher than the control sample (a conventional toothpaste) used. Also shows the HaCaT cells treated with the Edinora Prime sample exhibited healthy morphology and progressive cell migration & wound closure as a function of time. In simple words - Edinora toothpaste helps clean teeth while offering maximum protection to the mouth cells and also exhibits wound healing ability.

Acute oral toxicity study & Sub-acute oral toxicity studies were also conducted to prove that accidental swallowing of Edinora toothpaste up to 1000mcg / Kg body weight does not cause harm to the body.

A cleaning efficiency test was conducted after soaking the teeth for 48 hours in juice. After brushing using Edinora toothpaste, it was observed that the yellow stain attached to the enamel portion of the teeth was removed and more whitening was visible when compared to the control. Another study by the Coorg institute of dental sciences showed that Edinora is very effective in removing dental plaque and aids in gingival health.

Thus Edinora, through the above tests and studies has proven to be a safe and effective toothpaste.

One can purchase Edinora toothpaste from edinora.com or Flipkart or Amazon.

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