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Evolution of the Toothpaste industry
Technological update required in toothpaste industry
10 May, 2023 by
of the Toothpaste industry
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When the Toothpaste industry began in the 19th century, little was known about the importance nor the existence of oral microbes & gut microbesThe scientific world learned about these in detail after the invention of DNA sequencing & PCR test.

Now that the scientific world is aware of these updates, we do not see the 'Kills 99.9% germs' anymore. But the end users are not yet aware of this.

Now one might ask why to protect these microbes. A human mouth consists of billions of microbes, out of which the majority are neutral & beneficial ones. Only a few are the bad ones.  These microbes start their interactions with the human body right from the first breath and feeding. These are very important in shaping the immunity of the host, helping in digestion and cardiovascular health, generation of energy, control of fat storage & metabolic regulation, detoxification of environmental chemicals, and the barrier function of skin & prevention of diseases.

Edinora toothpaste is a result of 22-year-long research. Edinora helps offer maximum protection to the oral microbial equilibrium. Thus, Edinora helps improve the oral & overall health of the people. Edinora does not come with the warning do not swallow - because accidental swallowing is proven to be fine and also because Edinora is free from chemicals like Triclosan which many studies suggest can alter the composition of the gut microbiome significantly and can even lead to major health issues.

The conclusion is that one should select the right oral care product at the right time using good sense and the latest scientific evidence to maintain good health. Wish you all a healthy life and a wonderful day ahead.

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